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Central Beach Alliance!


  1. The Beach Master Plan must be extended (north and south) the length of the City’s boundaries.
  2. Execute and construct the A1A/Barrier Island Greenway to include: wider sidewalks, wider bicycle pathways, linking to downtown, and coordinating with the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO).
  3. Protect City-owned barrier island property by ensuring a city referendum to sell or change use of the land. This is to be approved by a super-majority of the voters of the city of Fort Lauderdale.
  4. Amend ULDR Section 47-23.6 – Beach Shadow Restrictions so that shadows on the beach must be measured from 9am to 5pm on November 21 as opposed to the current date of March 21.
  5. Regarding the NBRA district of the Central Beach: all future construction should be limited to 50 feet at the highest point. Owners of current property in the NBRA need to be afforded tax breaks and incentives, flexible building codes, parking flexibility, and the leniency regarding a change of use. The above is needed to provide property owners the economic feasibility and incentive to remain in business on the beach. In addition, Historic Preservation should be encouraged throughout the NBRA
  6. All future construction on remaining undeveloped property in the IOA (Intracoastal) District shall not exceed 70 feet at the highest point.
  7. All future development of hotels on A1A must provide accessible, public restrooms and reasonably priced public parking not to exceed rates at City-owned public lots.
  8. Where new buildings on the beach are presently permitted to be constructed 120 feet high or more, such developments shall be reduced in height by 20%.
  9. The City should purchase undeveloped land on the barrier island for use as parks and public parking.
  10. The City should mandate that all barrier island vacant buildings be demolished and that the land be sodded and landscaped to avoid the ever-increasing “scars” on the beach.

Approved unanimously by the Board of Directors on April 24, 2008; ratified by the membership on May 22, 2008 by a vote of 221-12.