Why should I become a member of the Central Beach Alliance? What are the objective(s) and purpose(s) of the CBA?

The CBA works to protect your interests, to aid and advance responsible development within and around the Central Beach area and to promote a better neighborhood and community, through group action. We represent the Member Associations and individual residents, whether or not they belong to condominium or cooperative associations.

How do I become a member?

Memberships requirements are listed below:

  1. Live within boundaries noted in FAQ 4.
  2. Be an individual resident and/or meet requirement of FAQ 3.
  3. Fill out attached membership application
  4. Attach proper membership dues as noted on application and mail to address on the bottom of the application.?

Who can apply for membership?

Answer: Voting Membership shall be open to:

  1. Condominium and cooperative associations, but not to any time share organization
  2. Individual residents but not to tourists, guests or those who come on a time share basis
  3. Non-voting members to owners of businesses located within the boundaries.

What are the boundaries of the CBA?

Answer: The boundaries of the Central Beach Alliance are South of Oakland Park Boulevard, North of Harbor Drive, East of the Intracoastal Waterway, and West of the Atlantic Ocean.

For jurisdictional purposes or neighborhood improvement programs, the Central Beach Alliance recognizes and defers to those neighborhood associations officially recognized by the City of Fort Lauderdale that were previously established within those boundaries.

Members of the CBA have to be located or living within CBA boundaries.

Is the CBA a Non-profit organization?

Answer: Your Beach, Your Voice, Your Vote

Can I vote by Proxy?

Answer: Yes, you can download the Proxy form here. Please fill out and sign. Preferred Method of Submission is prior to the Meeting is email: cbaftlcom@gmail.com or mail to: CBA 112N Birch Road Unit 201 Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304